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Research-grounded Guidance on Communication


Talk Smartly offers research-grounded guidance on communication, from self-talk to relationship, public-speaking to workplace. For students, professionals and introspective types, Talk Smartly provides best-practice suggestions while sharing stories inspired by the hundreds of amazing students and colleagues with whom the author has interacted.

Miriam Kero

Miriam Kero

Educator and Consultant

As a communications instructor, Miriam Kero teaches and trains students with a diverse set of skills, talents, interests, ages, and cultural backgrounds.  From auto/diesel mechanics to nurses and liberal arts students, Miriam works with each student to understand his or her needs, values and motivations while training each in personal and professional communication.

Miriam also works as a consultant, providing communications and marketing training and seminars in marketing and customer service.  She assists in marketing and marketing plans, public relations, grant writing and administration, project management and strategic planning.